About Us

Hello there! I’m Mike, and I founded the website HowToHedgehog.com, which is devoted to all things hedgehog-related. The beginning of my experience with these adorable, spiky critters was innocent enough. I would find myself watching video after video of the funniest things hedgehogs could possibly do while scrolling through Instagram. I quickly became fully enamoured and decided to add a hedgehog into my life. Let me just say that it was one of my best choices ever. My tiny hedgehog pal rapidly won my heart, and I was left wondering how to care for him after that.

That’s where HowToHedgehog.com got its inspiration. I wanted to use my own experiences and the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years to assist other hedgehog enthusiasts who share my passion. I want to provide you all the knowledge you need to give your hedgehog the best life possible, whether you’re an experienced hedgehog owner or you’re just thinking about getting one.

On my website, I talk about everything from veterinary care to diet and sleeping patterns. I hope you’ll find HowToHedgehog.com to be a welcoming and valuable resource for all your questions about hedgehogs. What are you still holding out for? Come along on my trip as I learn everything there is to know about these fascinating animals.

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